How to download videos from YouTube

Have you tried to download some funny or interesting videos and movie from YouTube? You may find it is very difficult to find the real location of those online videos. So, can we find a simple solution to download favor videos with high quality?

You can follow the procedure below to download videos or movie from YouTube easily.

First of all, please download the tool named Download YouTube Music, it will be used to help us to download online videos.

1. Open YouTube from internal browser

Please download and install the application. Then, you can run it by clicking the desktop shortcut or from programs menu. If you are using Mac, you can run it from the Applications folder. After that, please click the Browser button on the toolbar of Download YouTube Music, a special YouTube Browser will open to let you download any video easily.

Browser Button

2. Select video you want to download

Click any video you want to download in the Browser. If you are using the Windows version of application, please select the Download this video menu item from the popup menu. If you are using Mac version, the video will be opened directly, please click the Download button on the toolbar of Browser to download it.

Browser download

3. Download video

A New Task dialog box will pop up. To download the video, please select the radio box of MP4 video. It will download the selected video and save to MP4 format, which can be played by almost all kind of devices and players.

4. Let it work

The application will download the HD videos you added to the download list automatically.

If you need more help to use the application, please visit our Support Center